Benefits of our online Freight and Courier services

We offer a single source solution for your freight shipping and speed courier requirements. Whether you need to move goods locally or ship cargo Internationally our online freight  service will help you do it faster and with less hassles.

Freight Int. Logistics offers many features that help improve your freight logistics.

  • Consumers can post free Quote Requests to have goods transported locally, Nationally, cross border or  Internationally. 
  • Businesses can post bulk freight shipping requirements to have goods transported locally, Nationally, cross border or  Internationally. 
  • Post multiple freight requests in minutes.
  • Manage your load (Freight) transportation, Warehousing, Storage and Distribution companies postings from your member’s area control panel.
  • Companies can search for suitable trucks, transporters, Warehousing, Storage and Distribution Services.
  • Truckers and transporters quote on Load Requests.
  • You can select best rates and prices from top transporter quotes.
  • You get fast quotes direct to your email
  • Get help from participating 3PL & SCM service providers.
  • Transport companies have fast access to potential Loads and our active load board as well as the opportunity of finding new business.


We connect consumers and businesses with participating trucking companies and professional freight service providers. This means faster transport quotes, lower freight costs, improved freight logistics and cargo shipping for consumers and companies alike.

Our online freight services are available to all role players in goods shipping

Whether you are a consumer, a business, a truck owner, a transport company, bulk carrier or a freight agent, you will benefit from this powerful and easy to use website. Our special features are unmatched on the Internet and our powerful back-end database engine drives Freight Int. Logistics to the top of the online freight shipping industry.

There are thousands of carriers operating nationally and Internationally. There are also many truckers and owner operators looking for more loads. Freight Int. Logistics provides an online link between the two with numerous transportation service contacts in our database. Our website offers owner operators and truckers direct contact with transport companies, freight forwarders, bulk carriers and shippers nationwide. Now you can get loaded and stay loaded with the Freight Int. Logistics online freight matching and transport provider service.

Most importantly, our online load matching system is extremely easy to use. We deigned our website with you in mind - now owner operators can find work fast, get loaded and get on the road. Our user friendly web interface makes it fast to find exactly what you are looking for, whether you’re a freight service provider, owner operator, truck driver, shipper, freight forwarder, carrier or company looking to ship bulk freight.

We collaborate with major trucking companies and freight service agents world wide. We are an online source of transportation information and our main goal is to grow a strong network of members and to help improve your freight, logistics and goods transportation business, whether locally or internationally.


Future plans from Freight Int. Logistics

We also plan additional services in the near future. These include mobile services, auto-match as well as route matching.

We are expanding Internationally and have plans to launch our services globally, from Australia to the USA and from Europe to Asia.

Best of all, our services are available to users 24/7/365 for the lowest fee on the Internet! You cannot go wrong with Freight Int. Logistics online freight services and matching services. 

Join us today and experience the power of Freight Int. Logistics freight online transport services.

Select a suitable freight package at our special introductory rate.

Freight Int. Logistics

Transportation, Warehousing, Storage and Distribution.

Our client base is growing fast. These clients are requesting quotes to Transport goods locally, nationally and internationally.

Freight Int. Logistics has created and online freight services solution that will reduce if not remove the costs associated with a lack of loads and empty return trips. At the same time, our web-based freight matching services will improve your transport logistics.

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