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How and Why Freight Int. Logistics Works

We send your company quotation requests for the type of goods you transport. These quotation requests are filtered to the type of business that your company is involved in, for example: If you only transport furniture then we will only send you quotation requests for furniture removals and if you don't transport a specific item or items we will not send you a request to transport those goods.

The quotation requests that you will receive will be broken up into two categories, one being the actual quote request and the other the prospective clients details, (phone number, email address, etc. ). We put you directly in contact with the client. We have absolutely no communication with the client and there is no money exchanged between Freight Int. Logistics and your prospective client. You simply quote on his request and deal directly with the client. If the client becomes your regular client and you build up a relationship with him/her, it is to your advantage and you have gained a new client.

Freight Int. Logistics also offers you the opportunity to post (advertise) your trucks or freight (Loads) on our system, for example: You have ten trucks and five are standing because you have no loads for those trucks. You can post (advertise) the five trucks on our load board, then companies who have no trucks but loads available and are looking to transport the loads can find your available trucks that you have posted (advertise) on our load board. They will then contact you and arrange to have their freight (loads) transported by your company and vice versa.

Never go back empty again. With Freight Int. Logistics we give you the opportunity to search for freight (Loads) that has been posted (advertise) by either Transporters who don't have enough trucks and to many loads at hand or by companies looking to move their freight ( Loads ), for example: If your truck is transporting goods from Johannesburg to Cape Town and you don't have a return load, you can search for that load on Freight Int. Logistics load board and find it. You can also plan your route, for example: You are travelling from Durban to Cape Town via Upington, offloading in Upington and have no load down to Cape Town. Freight Int. Logistics load borad will assist you in finding that load, saving you time and money on unnecessary diesel costs and the frustration of having to travel back with an empty truck.

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Our client base is growing fast. These clients are requesting quotes to Transport goods locally, nationally and internationally.


Freight Int. Logistics has created and online freight services solution that will reduce if not remove the costs associated with a lack of loads and empty return trips. At the same time, our web-based freight matching services will improve your transport logistics.

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