Truckers and transport companies quickly respond to your quote requests

When you need to move goods, cargo or freight, our registered transporters, transport companies and other service providers will provide you with cost effective road freight quotations. Our transporters provide road transport and courier services countrywide and we also have truckers that provide cross border freight transport services.

We offer cost effective road freight solutions across all sectors of the market

Consumers can post (list) transport requests and companies can post (list or search) freight requests. Freight Int. Logistics will connect your goods moving and transportation requests with best value transport and freight shipping quotes from our registered transporters and freight service providers.

Find trucks and transport companies that match your freight shipping requirements

You can also search our database and load board to find suitable trucks and truckers to move your goods and cargo. Sometimes transporters have idle trucks or empty return loads. This offers a window of opportunity for truckers to move your goods and cargo at cost effective rates.

Truckers can post (advertise) trucks and transport services

You can now list your available trucks so that companies and other transporters can connect with you. Sometimes transport companies  have too many loads and require additional trucks to move freight and cargo. When you list your trucks with Freight Int. Logistics you improve your chances of filling idle trucks and consequently, your bottome line.

Whether you have idle trucks, empty return loads or just wish to expand your reach, posting your trucks and transport services on Freight Int. Logistics will increase you road freight. It results in a win-win situation for all. 

Search freight to find suitable cargo for your trucks 

Truckers and transporters can search company freight postings to find bulk freight loads and new business. You can search for specific cargo to match your transport capacity and availability.

Choose a transport package that best matches your freight or transport services

 Choose Now to get loaded or reduce transport costs!


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