We take the hassle out of air freight, air courier and international shipping

Freight Int. Logistics Providers takes care of all the cumbersome paperwork, troublesome red tape and they go the extra mile to obtain economical rates for your air freight and international shipping requirements.

They have many years experience in local and global freight, so you can confidently leave your World Wide Shipping requirements in there professional hands.

If you need speed freight services our International air freight and air courier provider services will get your goods and cargo to the required destinations - fast. Whether you need to import or export goods, our door to door freight and courier services providers will take the hassle out of your shipping requirements.

We offer door to door air freight import services providers from all major destinations and door to door airfreight export services providers to all major centers.

Benefits of our air freight and air courier services providers.

  • Fast delivery (within 1 to 2 days)
  • Tighter security reduces risk of theft and pilferage
  • Less packaging reduces costs
  • Lower insurance premiums reduces costs
  • Faster payment collections improves cashflow
  • We get best rates form participating air freight companies

We are expanding our international air freight services

Freight Int. Logistics is expanding on the local and international freight-shipping scene. We connect you with best air freight services countrywide and globally.

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Freight service packages

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